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After months of absence, Typosphere has returned from the dead!

We migrated off of Planet Argon and onto DreamHost, where we should have more control. We also upgraded to Trac 0.10.3 and turned off anonymous editing (users now have to register to file a ticket). This should (hopefully) prevent the issue that lead to Typosphere dying in the first place.

One important thing to note is that as part of this process, we also moved the subversion repository. Unfortunately, the old repository was hosted as an svn:// URI using the domain, which meant there was no way to preserve this URI (since we can’t run long-lived background daemons on DreamHost). The new URI uses http and a new subdomain, so if necessary we can move the repository without moving the website.

The new repository URL is

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Well, I finally bit the bullet and upgraded my blog from the Typo stable release to the HEAD of the svn trunk. I wasn’t going to do this for a while, because of the complexity in keeping site-specific changes away from my Typo hacking, but I ran across this article that explained how to use svk to manage all this for me, and now I’m testing it out. Hopefully everything will work fine, but if anything weird goes on, you’ll know why.

Typo trunk has a bunch of nifty stuff. The most noticeable is the new look, although I do plan on changing it at some point. Another thing that was just added is cached pages (and by just added I mean added yesterday). This is why the “Posted 27 days ago” timestamps are gone, although we’re looking into re-adding that with JavaScript (Update: this has now been re-added). There’s some other stuff in here, like support for SmartyPants, emails on the comments, and more.

If you notice anything wrong that doesn’t go away shortly, please, leave a comment telling me what the problem is, or if comments are a problem, send me an email about it.

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