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Well, after about 5 hours of hacking, I got a ruby script together to migrate all my data from Typo 4.11 to WordPress, so the site is back from the dead, and now running on an engine that DreamHost is actually happy with.

Update: The conversion script is now available at GitHub.

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Typo 4.0 is out! Many thanks to Scott Laird for his wonderful work on Akismet support and the new gem installer.

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Well, I finally bit the bullet and upgraded my blog from the Typo stable release to the HEAD of the svn trunk. I wasn’t going to do this for a while, because of the complexity in keeping site-specific changes away from my Typo hacking, but I ran across this article that explained how to use svk to manage all this for me, and now I’m testing it out. Hopefully everything will work fine, but if anything weird goes on, you’ll know why.

Typo trunk has a bunch of nifty stuff. The most noticeable is the new look, although I do plan on changing it at some point. Another thing that was just added is cached pages (and by just added I mean added yesterday). This is why the “Posted 27 days ago” timestamps are gone, although we’re looking into re-adding that with JavaScript (Update: this has now been re-added). There’s some other stuff in here, like support for SmartyPants, emails on the comments, and more.

If you notice anything wrong that doesn’t go away shortly, please, leave a comment telling me what the problem is, or if comments are a problem, send me an email about it.

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Well, it turns out at least one person reads my blog. Jonas Luster kindly, and surprisingly, linked my blog in one of his posts, referring to my switch to Typo. Jonas himself switched to Typo 9 days ago, although he’s already got a nice new style to his site and I haven’t spent the time coming up with one for this one yet.

Anyway, I think this is pretty cool, and I hope more blogs switch to Typo as it’s a great engine.

Thanks Jonas!

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If you can see this post, you’ll notice that everything’s changed. Not only has the entire look of the blog changed, but so has the server the blog is hosted on. This blog is now being hosted by DreamHost, and the blog system I’m using is Typo. Play around with it — I think you’ll find it’s very cool. For example, you can do live searches, posting a comment is live too, and everything should also be nice and zippy. The first two are because of the new Typo engine (which uses Ruby on Rails, an excellent web application framework), and the last is a combination of Typo and the new server.

So hopefully, with this new blog in place, I’ll actually be motivated to start posting again. I’m sure if I have anybody that still reads this (and by reads I mean is subscribed in their newsreader), you’ll be happy to hear this.

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