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TinEye is a cool reverse image search engine. It lets you take an image and search for it on the web, even finding uncropped, expanded, or unwatermarked versions of the image. Sadly, while TinEye provides plugins for both Firefox and Chrome, they don’t provide one for Safari. Because of this, I have written my own extension. Just install it, then right-click on any image and you should see “Search Image on TinEye”. You can get it here.

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If you’re like anybody else that I know, you were rather shocked and appalled to see Google follow the likes of Bing and add background images to their home page. If you’re also like anybody else that I know, you’re aware that Safari 5 was released with support for extensions. And if you’re like me, you thought that the new extensions behavior might be a great way to, erm, “fix” Google. Inspired by a tweet from @rentzsch, I decided to figure out how this might be done. I am, of course, not a JavaScript programmer, and Google’s front page code is quite obfuscated, but after playing around with it for a bit over an hour, I got something that worked. Unfortunately it also has the side-effect of blocking the fairly nice fade-in of all the text content, and it’s also a bit fragile, but if you absolutely cannot stand the background image, feel free to download the extension and try it out.

Update: I played around for a few more hours and got something much better. It’s still fragile, but not nearly so much as before, and it restores the fade effect for all the google content. Same download link as before.

Update 2: Looks like Google fixed their homepage sometime this morning, so this extension is now officially obsolete. I will continue to host the download if anybody is interested in the code.

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One of the big changes in Snow Leopard is the move to 64-bit applications system-wide. This includes Safari. Unfortunately, this change breaks all of the Safari plugins out there, including mine. There’s two reasons for this. The first is simply that these plugins are all 32-bit binaries, and a 64-bit app cannot load a 32-bit binary. The second, and significantly harder obstacle, is that the entire Input Manager mechanism has been eliminated in 64-bit apps.

Read more to find out how 1Password gets around these limitations.

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I’ve just pushed a new version of SafariSource out the door which is once again compatible with Safari Tidy. Please let me know if you have any problems. You can download it here.

Note that this requires version 0.2.5 of Safari Tidy, which was just released today.

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I just released a new version of SafariSource which supports Safari 3.0 last night. This morning I received a Czech localization from Jakub Formanek, so I just released SafariSource v1.7.1. with the new localization.

So if you’re using Safari 3.0, or if you’re Czech, go ahead and download SafariSource. If you’re using Safari 2.x, please let me know it still works as I can’t test that with 3.0 installed.

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Am I alone in thinking that Safari should be able to show web pages for upcoming iCal events in its bookmarks pane, just like it does for Address Book and Bonjour? The way it works right now it’s quite annoying to open up an event web page because I have to launch iCal first.

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I just polished up my SIMBL plugin for release. It’s called YubNubSearch and it allows you to use YubNub as your default search engine in Safari.

You can get it here.

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With the availability of a universal SIMBL plugin I’ve now released a universal version of SafariSource. Download here.

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Just a quick post about AJAX on Rails, to test out my latest feature, which is Lightbox support for Typo:

If you click that and it doesn’t overlay the image on top of the current page, then you’ve run into a bug in Safari that I’m trying to figure out the cause of. Grrrrr. The bug has been worked around.

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Safari 1.3 has a nasty bug that causes it to crash under certain circumstances dealing with content collapsing. This is especially nasty because it directly affects one of the best features of PithHelmet. Since Dave Hyatt has posted an entry asking for regressions from Safari 1.2 to Safari 1.3, and since I haven’t seen any reply there by Mike Solomon (author of PithHelmet), I thought I’d bring it up here. I’m not going to repeat the bug here, instead, I’ll just link to to the page Mike Solomon posted about it.

So, Dave Hyatt, if you’re reading this, go check out this page.

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