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There’s a new site that’s been getting really popular lately called Twitter. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s basically a status message, like IM, but actually usable. Twitter provides XML/JSON feeds, as well as a way to post updates over the web, over IM (using Jabber), or over SMS. You can also receive “tweets” (Twitter updates) that your friends posted with any of these mechanisms. There are also various applications (such as Twitterific), if you want yet another way to send/receive tweets.

By far the most powerful aspect of Twitterific is the SMS support. I have free SMS with my Sidekick data plan, but I’ve never had a reason to use it before. But now I can receive tweets on my phone all day long, and send my own no matter where I am. For example, I sent this tweet while in class.

If you want to keep track of what I’m doing, just take a gander at my profile. And if you sign up for your own account, you can add me as a friend to receive my tweets. If you add me and I recognize your name, I’ll probably add you back too.

There’s a BBC News twitter profile. How cool is that?

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Inspired by a script mentioned on, I wrote a ruby script that generates an RSS feed for all the Crash Reporter logs on your machine. Just create a New Special Subscription in NetNewsWire, point it at the script, and you’re all set.

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