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Typo 4.0 is out! Many thanks to Scott Laird for his wonderful work on Akismet support and the new gem installer.

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Well, Rails 1.1 is out now. And that is a problem for Typo. See, when we tried running it under Rails 1.1rc1 we discovered that this new version of Rails has certain problems with components. Basically, Rails isn’t setting up the component namespaces that we’re expecting it to. I guess this is what I’ll be spending tomorrow evening hammering on.

Update: As of 10:57 AM this morning, Typo trunk now supports Rails 1.1 (and should work with Rails 1.0 too).

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Just a quick post about AJAX on Rails, to test out my latest feature, which is Lightbox support for Typo:

If you click that and it doesn’t overlay the image on top of the current page, then you’ve run into a bug in Safari that I’m trying to figure out the cause of. Grrrrr. The bug has been worked around.

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If you can see this post, you’ll notice that everything’s changed. Not only has the entire look of the blog changed, but so has the server the blog is hosted on. This blog is now being hosted by DreamHost, and the blog system I’m using is Typo. Play around with it — I think you’ll find it’s very cool. For example, you can do live searches, posting a comment is live too, and everything should also be nice and zippy. The first two are because of the new Typo engine (which uses Ruby on Rails, an excellent web application framework), and the last is a combination of Typo and the new server.

So hopefully, with this new blog in place, I’ll actually be motivated to start posting again. I’m sure if I have anybody that still reads this (and by reads I mean is subscribed in their newsreader), you’ll be happy to hear this.

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