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Lately every day when I come home from work I notice a handful of applications taking up a surprisingly high amount of Real Memory. These apps tend to be Quicksilver, Safari, iScrobbler, NetNewsWire, and GrowlHelperApp. Every day I end up quitting at least 3 apps to free up some memory and it happens all over again.

Right now Quicksilver is using roughly 235MB of Real Memory. Running vmmap on it tells me that almost all of that memory is in the malloc zone, and the vast majority of that malloced memory are freed blocks. So my question is why are my multitudes of freed MALLOC_TINY pages not being reclaimed by the system?

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Here’s a neat tip I just discovered. It’s really quite easy to run an app through Rosetta from the command-line. How? By using /usr/libexec/oah/translate. For example, /usr/libexec/oah/translate /Applications/Photo\\ Booth will launch Photo Booth in Rosetta.

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I just stumbled across something interesting today while poking around rcd (the daemon that farms out remote control events). If you send the NSDistributedNotificationCenter notification name @"" (no object or userInfo dictionary) then Dashboard hides itself. That’s pretty neat!

On a side note, it turns out there is no way to hack rcd to farm remote control events out to non-Apple programs. It has all the appleevents and such that it uses hardcoded in. I was really hoping they did something like implement a generic remote control AE that they sent to any app that cared, but no, if you’re not iTunes, DVDPlayer, iPhoto, QuickTime Player, or Keynote, you won’t see hide nor hair of the events.

Update: Turns out there’s a companion @"" notification as well that, you guessed it, brings Dashboard forward.

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