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As a PlayStation™ 3 owner and an Apple TV owner, I can’t recommend MediaLink enough. It fills the missing link in my tv/movie-watching habits. Everything in my iTunes library I can watch on my Apple TV, but I have plenty of video files that iTunes can’t handle. Until recently, I’ve been forced to watch them on my computer. But I have an HDTV for a reason, and I’d like to watch my shows there. Nullriver’s MediaLink solves this problem. Anything that I can’t watch on my Apple TV, I can watch on my PS3, and it works flawlessly. I can fast-forward and rewind smoothly, I can jump to any point in the movie (using the PS3’s Go To feature), and it handles everything. Even when my computer lost wifi briefly (the microwave interferes with my desktop’s wifi), the video stream just paused until the wifi came back and then resumed as if nothing happened. If you own a PlayStation™ 3, you should go out and purchase MediaLink right now.

Disclaimer: I have no personal stake in Nullriver or MediaLink, I am simply a happy customer.

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