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Last week I pushed out a major rewrite of FontLabel. This new version includes a category modeled after UIStringDrawing that enables you to draw text in custom fonts in your own drawRect: methods. It also includes accurate font metrics and uses more of the built-in UILabel properties. Contributions are welcome!

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My last iPhone contract app, ExecTweets for iPhone, is now on the App Store. This is the project that drove the creation of FeedParser (an open source Obj-C RSS parser). Anyway, it’s free, and if you like reading about business advice from top business execs, check it out!

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This coming monday, I am going to stop being an iPhone contractor and start being a full-time employee of Zynga. While there, I will be working on developing iPhone games.

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DNS-SD Browser has finally been released on the iTunes AppStore.

DNS-SD Browser is the iPhone version of my popular desktop Bonjour Browser software. It enables you to view all of the Bonjour services on your local network as well as on wide-area Bonjour domains.

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I picked up an iPhone on friday and I’ll try and remember to write up my thoughts later, but for now I have a quick tip.

For those of you who are like me and listen to full albums and lament the lack of a Compilations preference for the iPhone, learn to love the CoverFlow view. Since this view is album-centric it handles compilations properly. The only real flaw with this view is it’s ugly if you don’t have album art.

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