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Well, I finally did it. I beat the 30th song of Guitar Hero on Expert mode, making me an official Guitar Hero. I got the axe guitar to prove it ;)

Now I’m working on the extra songs. There’s some real good ones there. I also need to go back and get higher scores on the regular songs. And someday I hope to find somebody else with the game so I can play multiplayer.

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I just picked up a copy of Guitar Hero and wow, that game is amazing. In the past few hours I’ve played 27 songs already (and beat them) on medium difficulty. Once I finish the last 5 (2 of the songs I played were extras), I’m going to start on Hard difficulty, which adds a 5th fret. That’s going to be difficult.

I hope Tristan decides to get his own guitar soon so we can play multiplayer. That will be awesome!

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