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If you’re like anybody else that I know, you were rather shocked and appalled to see Google follow the likes of Bing and add background images to their home page. If you’re also like anybody else that I know, you’re aware that Safari 5 was released with support for extensions. And if you’re like me, you thought that the new extensions behavior might be a great way to, erm, “fix” Google. Inspired by a tweet from @rentzsch, I decided to figure out how this might be done. I am, of course, not a JavaScript programmer, and Google’s front page code is quite obfuscated, but after playing around with it for a bit over an hour, I got something that worked. Unfortunately it also has the side-effect of blocking the fairly nice fade-in of all the text content, and it’s also a bit fragile, but if you absolutely cannot stand the background image, feel free to download the extension and try it out.

Update: I played around for a few more hours and got something much better. It’s still fragile, but not nearly so much as before, and it restores the fade effect for all the google content. Same download link as before.

Update 2: Looks like Google fixed their homepage sometime this morning, so this extension is now officially obsolete. I will continue to host the download if anybody is interested in the code.

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