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Ironcoder 0x2 wraps up in a few hours, and this time the API was CoreGraphics. As soon as I heard this, I knew I wanted to do something with window mesh deformation. What’s that? Why, it’s the private CoreGraphics call you can use to do the effects such as the Genie minimize effect, though I believe it’s new in 10.3. It’s a function called CGSSetWindowWarp(), and it’s extremely poorly documented.

First, some history. CoreGraphics has a bunch of private calls that range from applying transitions to windows (such as the cube effect seen in Apple Remote Desktop and Quicksilver) to managing virtual desktops to setting alpha levels on groups of windows system-wide. As far as I am able to ascertain, Richard Wareham did the bulk of the work to expose these calls, as part of development on his Desktop Manager program, the most well-known virtual desktop solution for OS X. He released a file named CGSPrivate.h that contained these basic calls, so others could use it. Since then, more private calls have been discovered, and among them were CGSSetWindowWarp().

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