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I ran across a link on SvN to an interesting logic puzzle called Whose Fish?. It purports to be a logic puzzle created by Albert Einstein, and claims Einstein said 98% of the population would not be able to solve it. So naturally, I was intrigued.

The only problem was, the logic matrix for the puzzle doesn’t fit on a single piece of paper, and I don’t have Excel installed. So what did I do? I wrote a CGI script in Ruby that generated a logic matrix using a table of checkboxes, and I wrote some accompanying JavaScript to make it easier to use. Go try it!

If you don’t want to solve the puzzle yourself, feel free to check out some of my steps. Just please, don’t submit this as your own answer. If you’re going to submit an answer, do the work yourself. So anyway, here are some of my steps:

  1. Step
  2. Step
  3. Step
  4. Step
  5. Step
  6. Step
  7. Step
  8. Step
  9. Step

And here’s the final solution.

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