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This coming monday, I am going to stop being an iPhone contractor and start being a full-time employee of Zynga. While there, I will be working on developing iPhone games.

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My mother (Sara Ballard) mentioned to me today how the Concord Women’s Chorus website isn’t listed by Google. I thought I’d link it here to try and help out.

The Concord Women’s Chorus is an excellent women’s choral group here in Concord, MA. They have performances in the Spring and in December. If you live anywhere nearby, I encourage you to check them out.

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The DS Lite was released today, and I picked up my pre-order. I have yet to actually play with it yet (had to wait for it to charge), but it’s finally ready. I took some pictures of it first, though.

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Well, I finally did it. I beat the 30th song of Guitar Hero on Expert mode, making me an official Guitar Hero. I got the axe guitar to prove it ;)

Now I’m working on the extra songs. There’s some real good ones there. I also need to go back and get higher scores on the regular songs. And someday I hope to find somebody else with the game so I can play multiplayer.

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Well, I went ahead and ordered myself a brand new MacBook Pro. It’s scheduled to ship in “Feburary”. This is going to be the first computer that I bought myself. It’s also going to be something like 10x faster than my current 1GHz 17” AlBook.

I’ll post another update once it arrives.

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In a few hours I’m leaving to fly back home for Christmas and New Years. I can’t wait! It’ll be great to be able to see my family (and cats) again!

Don’t expect me to be online as much as usually for the next week and a half.

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I just picked up a copy of Guitar Hero and wow, that game is amazing. In the past few hours I’ve played 27 songs already (and beat them) on medium difficulty. Once I finish the last 5 (2 of the songs I played were extras), I’m going to start on Hard difficulty, which adds a 5th fret. That’s going to be difficult.

I hope Tristan decides to get his own guitar soon so we can play multiplayer. That will be awesome!

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I haven’t really talked about life here in California much, so hopefully this post will do something to rectify this omission.

I’m really enjoying living here. It’s certainly warmer than back home (although it’s still cold when I go home in the evenings), and although I love snow, I don’t miss snow-blowing the driveway. Work is going really well. My coworkers are great and the work itself is good (although I can’t really talk about it). I’m really enjoying having a real programming job.

Outside of work I haven’t been doing a whole lot. I finally met in person two people I’ve known online for almost two years (the lead dev of Colloquy and his wife) and we’re hanging out a lot—every weekend I’m spending at their house (it sure beats sitting on my computer all weekend) talking, playing games, and watching movies. Tristan hangs out with us sometimes as well. And the past two fridays we’ve all gone out to see a movie at the theaters (last friday was Chronicles of Narnia, and the previous friday was Aeon Flux). Both movies were excellent—I may write about them later. All in all, I’m really enjoying myself here.

I also recently set up a Flickr account (and got free Pro status as a perk of working for Yahoo!); you can view my photostream here.

The most recent bit of news is that I finally picked up Animal Crossing DS a couple days ago and it’s really fun. I’m thinking about leaving my town borders open during the day while I’m at work so people can come visit me. My friend also got it at the same time as me, so we’re playing together a bit.

If I think of anything else, I’ll post it.

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Well, a week and a half ago Tristan and I moved into our new apartment, which is surprisingly good for the rent we’re paying. Unfortunately, we don’t have internet. It’s been a week and a half, and we’re being told it’ll still be another 2 weeks before we can finally have the DSL hooked up. Right now I’m using a bluetooth connection to my (new) Cingular phone to treat it as a modem (something I only got working yesterday), and it’s pretty flaky, not to mention slow. I can’t wait until the DSL is actually working and I can have a real internet connection. Once that happens, hopefully I can start updating this a bit more frequently.

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I was afraid this was going to happen. As I talked about in this post, I asked a girl out on a date. But that never went anywhere. She kept saying she was really busy, and thus kept postponing.

Well, she finally gave me a straight answer. A couple of months ago she got her heart broken, and she’s not ready to get romantically involved with someone else just yet. So while she was interested in being friends, she knew I had romantic intentions and didn’t want to hurt me. Thus the excuses (of course, she really is very busy, so the excuse was somewhat valid).

Of course, I understand, and I’m not hurt. I figured something like this was probably what was going on. But I think we can still be friends, so it’s not a complete loss.

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