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My mother (Sara Ballard) mentioned to me today how the Concord Women’s Chorus website isn’t listed by Google. I thought I’d link it here to try and help out.

The Concord Women’s Chorus is an excellent women’s choral group here in Concord, MA. They have performances in the Spring and in December. If you live anywhere nearby, I encourage you to check them out.

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eddienull on #macdev posted a great link to a video of George Bush singing Sunday Bloody Sunday. I thought it was pretty great.

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The other day my roommate’s friend Eric lent me his iPod to rip. That gave me probably about 35GB of music. This was in addition to my approximately 45GB of existing music. Unfortunately, this means I’m now about 25GB over the limit of my iPod (60GB iPod, really only holds 55GB). I was afraid of this happening - I’ve been trying to stay ahead of my music collection so I don’t have to pick and choose, but it looks like I’ll have to do that now. And unfortunately, given past history the next iPod size bump will be to 80GB, which isn’t quite enough for my current collection (and who knows, I may have even more music by then).

The other problem with this is, while iTunes is the best music jukebox for Mac, it’s not good enough to give me control over my music so I can easily pick and choose what I want to go into my iPod.

For the time being, I set up a smart playlist that limits itself to 55GB and sorts by date added, ascending. This way all of my existing music will go on my iPod and a portion of the new music will as well. But if I add any new music to my collection (like, say, buy another album from the iTMS) then it won’t end up on my iPod until I figure out how to manage this situation.

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As far as I can tell, there is no soundtrack available for the movie Ultraviolet. And I don’t know why. I looked when the movie first aired, and I just searched again a few minutes ago. And it appears that the soundtrack simply does not exist. How can it be, that the producers of Ultraviolet have failed to capitalize on the soundtrack like this? Why, in this extremely commercial society, can I not find and purchase this item? Often times I see soundtracks for movies released before the movie itself, and yet this long after Ultraviolet came out there is still none. And I am annoyed.

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Yesterday morning, before I left for work, I stumbled across a list of videos of a guy named Matisyahu. He’s a Hasidic Jew. He’s also a Reggae singer and beatboxer. And he’s quite good. I liked him enough I bought his latest album from the iTMS. I definitely encourage you to check him out.

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My friend from college just sent me a link to The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny, which is the greatest thing I have seen in a while. I managed to find the website for the guy(s?) who did the music. Their website can be found at, although they hit their bandwidth limit today, but they should be back tomorrow.

Update: Comments disabled because I’m tired of all the inane comments I’ve been receiving. There’s really no discussion to be had here, so no point in having comments.

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I just picked up a copy of Guitar Hero and wow, that game is amazing. In the past few hours I’ve played 27 songs already (and beat them) on medium difficulty. Once I finish the last 5 (2 of the songs I played were extras), I’m going to start on Hard difficulty, which adds a 5th fret. That’s going to be difficult.

I hope Tristan decides to get his own guitar soon so we can play multiplayer. That will be awesome!

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Well, I just finished making a song in GarageBand out of the available loops. This was done entirely from Orchestra Strings loops. It’s not the best song ever, but I think it’s interesting, and it was fun to make.

Download it here (AAC) or here (MP3)

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It turns out the iTunes billion song giveaway deal with McDonalds was just a rumor. MacRumors has the story.

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As codepoet writes, McDonald’s is going to give away 1 billion iTunes songs! Slashdot has the goods here

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