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I just picked up a new Flip Video and was dismayed to find out that it used a custom app to import its movies, and that this custom app was PPC. I was also dismayed to find out that iMovie ‘08 refuses to import AVIs even if you have the appropriate codec installed. So after some hacking, I put together an Automator workflow that will convert all your Flip videos into DV and import them into iMovie. You can download it here.

Update: I’ve put up a new version of the importer that has a much longer timeout when waiting for Quicktime to export each movie.

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Recently I was contracted to write some software, and it’s just now been released. It’s called GrabUp. Basically, the whole purpose here is for zero-click sharing of screenshots. GrabUp is a daemon that sits in the background and waits for you to take a screenshot, then it instantly uploads it to the GrabUp servers and puts the URL on your clipboard. It has a nice status item to let you know when it’s done. If you have GrabUp running and you want to share an image, just take the screenshot and then paste the URL anywhere. So far, GrabUp has been seen in TUAW and we also got a rather nice blog post reviewing it.

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Lately every day when I come home from work I notice a handful of applications taking up a surprisingly high amount of Real Memory. These apps tend to be Quicksilver, Safari, iScrobbler, NetNewsWire, and GrowlHelperApp. Every day I end up quitting at least 3 apps to free up some memory and it happens all over again.

Right now Quicksilver is using roughly 235MB of Real Memory. Running vmmap on it tells me that almost all of that memory is in the malloc zone, and the vast majority of that malloced memory are freed blocks. So my question is why are my multitudes of freed MALLOC_TINY pages not being reclaimed by the system?

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I just released a new version of SafariSource which supports Safari 3.0 last night. This morning I received a Czech localization from Jakub Formanek, so I just released SafariSource v1.7.1. with the new localization.

So if you’re using Safari 3.0, or if you’re Czech, go ahead and download SafariSource. If you’re using Safari 2.x, please let me know it still works as I can’t test that with 3.0 installed.

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Note: Mac OS X 10.4.9 seems to fix the bug described here.

pmTool, the process run by Activity Monitor to actually collect stats, appears to leak memory. If I leave Activity Monitor running for a good period of time, when I check up on it pmTool is often using over 100MiB of Real Memory.

I just checked my laptop, pmTool was using over 100MiB of Real Memory. Right now on my desktop it’s using 41MiB of Real Memory, but I don’t remember how long it’s been running for. I also believe a good deal of memory is currently paged out.

After checking up on it, pmTool on my desktop has a Private Memory size of 91MiB.

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Here’s a neat tip I just discovered. It’s really quite easy to run an app through Rosetta from the command-line. How? By using /usr/libexec/oah/translate. For example, /usr/libexec/oah/translate /Applications/Photo\\ Booth will launch Photo Booth in Rosetta.

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Yesterday evening I went and picked my new Intel iMac back up. It finally arrived monday (after a stop over in Alaska due to UPS mis-sorting it), and had a display problem in Front Row. So I took it in to get it repaired. That evening I discovered which described my problem exactly and determined that it was a software issue. So I cancelled the repair and got the machine back yesterday.

Anyway, the machine is pretty sweet. It’s blazing fast and, luckily, World of Warcraft went Universal yesterday so I could try it out. I can’t turn everything up and have it be smooth, but I can turn the graphics settings higher than I could on my Desktop.

You can find pictures of it being unpacked here.

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Well, yesterday was my first day at my new job. For those of you who don’t know, I’m now working at Yahoo! as a Macintosh programmer. Interestingly, my coworker (co-Macintosh programmer) is a FOAF that I met at WWDC (our mutual friend is Karl Adam, a.k.a. PantherMachina).

Anyway, I flew out here 2 days ago and am staying (for the short-term) with my older brother Rick, who works at Apple. I’m looking into getting an apartment with my coworker (his name is Tristan), but we need to find something appropriate first. In any case, the work here looks to be quite interesting and enjoyable - last night Tristan and I stayed until, I believe, 9:30 PM. Granted, I was just customizing my computer to have all the things I want/need on it, but he was actually doing some work.

For those of you who use the Yahoo! Instant Messenger network, you’ll be happy to learn that the project I’m working on is the Yahoo! Instant Messenger client. However, I think that’s all I can tell you, so don’t bother asking for details.

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Ok, I just released SafariSource v1.5. This version adds a preference pane to Safari’s preferences that lets you control the syntax highlighting. It also adds the option to use italic/underline/bold in addition to colors and the ability to change the base font/size.

This update was a real pain to do. I ran into a memory corruption bug that I spent hours trying to track down. A couple hours ago I finally discovered the cause. I was using a header file class-dumped from Jaguar’s AppKit and apparently Panther added 2 new ivars to NSPreferencesModule. What I didn’t expect was that my definition of NSPreferencesModule was taking precedence over AppKit’s definition, so when I allocated the memory for my subclass it wasn’t large enough and whenever those 2 extra ivars were written to it was writing to memory that wasn’t owned by my instance and that was the memory corruption. Simply class-dumping a new header file and using that magically solved the problem.

Anyway, enjoy :)

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If you haven’t tried Growl yet, I strongly encourage you to do so.

What is it, you ask? It’s an open-source centralized notification system for Mac OS X applications, allowing applications to have consistent, non-interfering notifications that are fully user-customizable with very little effort. And it supports a display plugin architecture which means that if one person creates a new display for Growl notifications, all applications can benefit. Only a small number of applications currently support Growl, but that number is growing.

One of the really nice things about Growl is the level of developer support it has. It’s possible to use Growl from Cocoa, Carbon, python, perl, tcl, and AppleScript, and there’s nothing to stop bindings for other languages from being created.

Anyway, if you want to see some docs or screenshots, just head on over to their web site

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