Recently I was contracted to write some software, and it’s just now been released. It’s called GrabUp. Basically, the whole purpose here is for zero-click sharing of screenshots. GrabUp is a daemon that sits in the background and waits for you to take a screenshot, then it instantly uploads it to the GrabUp servers and puts the URL on your clipboard. It has a nice status item to let you know when it’s done. If you have GrabUp running and you want to share an image, just take the screenshot and then paste the URL anywhere. So far, GrabUp has been seen in TUAW and we also got a rather nice blog post reviewing it.

3 Responses to “GrabUp released”
  1. maradatscha says:

    too bad it is not working for me :(
    is there a debug version? or any other way to get debug output to find out what is going wrong?
    i know that the prefpane icon should change its color and it is not doing it.



  2. Hi,

    It doesn’t work here too. It seems to be related to culture.

    Cheers, keep up good work

  3. S.F.: It appears 10.5.3 broke non-English support in GrabUp.