Haml is a new markup format for Ruby on Rails apps that just hit 1.0. At first glance it looks pretty odd, but it turns out to be really easy to write in, and it’s shorter and, actually, easier to read than the equivalent eRB.

I think I’m going to convert Typo to use Haml for all its templates. I already did Azure’s layout file and it was pretty simple.

2 Responses to “Haml: A new markup format for Rails”
  1. What do you think of Markaby? http://code.whytheluckystiff.net/markaby/

  2. Kevin Ballard says:

    I haven’t really poked at Markaby, but I’m not sure I really want my templates to be pure ruby code.

    This is especially true since Typo has a themeing system. Templates written in pure ruby probably aren’t going to be very accessible to themers who don’t know ruby.