I just polished up my SIMBL plugin for release. It’s called YubNubSearch and it allows you to use YubNub as your default search engine in Safari.

You can get it here.

5 Responses to “YubNubSearch SIMBL bundle”
  1. It states Yubnub in the searchfield ,but it gets overruled by inquisition when a search is entered.

    Inquisition doesn’t allow YubNub to be part of it , meaning there are no search results from YubNub in the list of resultds from inquisition

  2. Cool – Thanks!
    What Safari versions does it support?

  3. That’s what I was looking for!

    I think yubnub is great, every day it saves me a HUGE amount of time; now I won’t even have to enter yubnub website to perform my searches :)

    Thanks again –

  4. If you were wondering if this works in Safari 3 on Tiger, it does. Thanks.

  5. Great work ! Thank you.