As of this afternoon, I am now an official committer for MacPorts.

For those not in the know, MacPorts (née DarwinPorts) is an open-source package manager for Darwin (although it should work with other *nixes, it’s really intended for Darwin). I’ve been using it for quite some time, and even contributed a few Portfiles a while ago. Well, I started poking at it again recently, and then jmpp on #macports convinced me to apply for a commit bit.

Now I just gotta do something to justify this shiny new bit.

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  1. Daniel Jalkut says:

    I recently tried “port install mzscheme” from my MacBook Pro and it failed. Fix it? :)

  2. Kevin Ballard says:

    Haha, hi Daniel.

    Oh wow, the macports mzscheme is version 209. Current appears to be 360. I think 209 doesn’t support x86 darwin compilation, but 360 should.

    If you actually care about this, I suggest emailing the maintainer.