Earlier today Yahoo! finally released Yahoo! Messenger for OS X 3.0 beta 1, with an incredibly positive reaction from the general public. This is the app that I’ve spent the last 8 months working on, and I’m really proud to have finally released our first public beta. Even if you don’t use the old client, you should check it out. It’s a 100% rewrite in Cocoa, with a brand new spiffy UI, Growl support, avatar support, and more.

19 Responses to “Yahoo Messenger for OS X”
  1. Very cool, I’ve emailed feedback to the yahoo feedback system so I won’t bother with that here.

    I was the lead developer on ChitChat ( http://chit.sourceforge.net ) an open source realbasic chat client for yahoo chat. Feel free to steal any interface ideas from ChitChat whenever you guys get around to implementing chat.

    Keep up the great work!

  2. wondering why there is no access to the yahoo chat rooms in the OS X version I used to like yahoo chat when it was java based but now that you can only access it through messenger and the OSX version is missing that feature the Mac comunity is once again being left behind why?

  3. Kevin Ballard says:

    mark: it’s because Yahoo! Messenger for Mac is still in beta. Just hold yer horses.

  4. David Gunter says:

    And 6 months later it is still in beta. Will this ever be finished? Will it ever support Yahoo chat rooms?

  5. Kevin Ballard says:

    Maybe you don’t realize this, but 3.0b1 was a complete rewrite. In addition, there were only 3 developers working on it (including me). And since I’ve subsequently left the company (to go back to school), that means 2 developers.

    Give them time.

  6. myke.g82@gmail.com says:

    Kevin… please brother… Us mac users need this. Do you happen to know what kind of time frame we are looking at? I need to know exactly how long so I know how long I need to try to put myself in suspended animation for.

  7. Well if it’s a complete rewrite then its good.

    But we really would appreciate all the extra goodies the windows guys get.

    Why only 2 developers?


  8. Kevin Ballard says:

    myke.g82: Honestly, I don’t know. I would expect a new beta sometime relatively soon, but I don’t actually have any knowledge on the subject.

    JasonJeroo: Mac Messenger isn’t a source of income for Yahoo – they’re doing this for mindshare. Since it’s not a source of income, they can’t just throw money at it.

  9. Apple has been shipping over one million macs per month for a few years now… and the intel technology is common… it makes financial sense… but some yahoos at yahoo have not figured this out yet… go google !!!

  10. yep … i’ve had problems with yahoo chat rooms using a mac since i’ve had a mac – over 4 years. at times i’ve been able to get in, for a little while. why isn’t there an alternative? surely yahoo and msn aren’t the only one to have chat rooms on the internet? perhaps the news that apple mac shipments are growing at three times the rate of pcs might eventually interest yahoo or someone else …

  11. And it’s still beta..

  12. Aetherius says:

    try AdiumX.
    this Yahoo beta crap is still buggy and the send/receive option.. works like crap..plus other issues like connecting times, lags and unexpected quit errors.

    to bad yahoo isn’t as promt as apple is.

    if we could talk to the yahoo clients from ichat.. :)

  13. Shawn Tinsley says:


    You say that Yahoo gets no income from mac users. How much income does it get off of Windows users, because as far as I know, Yahoo was a free download for both Mac and Windows users.

  14. i just switch to an apple os x and the yahoo messenger doesnt have any chatrooms , how come? that suxs

  15. wisdomsknowledge@yahoo.com says:

    why is it that in the beta i uninstalled and reinstalled this software .. when i receive or send a msge it returns to the top of my msge bar .. you or i have to scroll down everytime i msge is exchanged from top to bottom .. im lost to what i am suppose to be doin here plze return my msge to my email it would be very helpful yahoo has not returned my email and its been 2 months i cant find any alternative thanx again in advance

  16. I’m not a fan of conspiracy theories but its clear there’s some thing afoot- it’s taken yahoo years to upgrade the yahoo messenger for mac and will no doubt ‘catch up’ with wndows yahoo messenger in its current form in the year 2085..if then…

    Bring back chitchat- that rocked so much

  17. Dam, still no chat room for us mac users.

  18. johanna Grace Papa says:

    i cant even find the way to download the yahoo calls (PC to PC)how do i use my microphone?

  19. Nice. I believe Yahoo also have Messenger as a web application.