The other day my roommate’s friend Eric lent me his iPod to rip. That gave me probably about 35GB of music. This was in addition to my approximately 45GB of existing music. Unfortunately, this means I’m now about 25GB over the limit of my iPod (60GB iPod, really only holds 55GB). I was afraid of this happening - I’ve been trying to stay ahead of my music collection so I don’t have to pick and choose, but it looks like I’ll have to do that now. And unfortunately, given past history the next iPod size bump will be to 80GB, which isn’t quite enough for my current collection (and who knows, I may have even more music by then).

The other problem with this is, while iTunes is the best music jukebox for Mac, it’s not good enough to give me control over my music so I can easily pick and choose what I want to go into my iPod.

For the time being, I set up a smart playlist that limits itself to 55GB and sorts by date added, ascending. This way all of my existing music will go on my iPod and a portion of the new music will as well. But if I add any new music to my collection (like, say, buy another album from the iTMS) then it won’t end up on my iPod until I figure out how to manage this situation.

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  1. Super Dave Osbourne says:

    Dude, quit stealing music so much and you won’t have to pay SJ his ‘tax’ on thieves deeds.

  2. Kevin Ballard says:

    Dude, quit assuming I steal music. Also, get a clue – the ‘tax’ goes to the RIAA, not SJ.

  3. Have multiple playlists. I have a smart playlist that grabs random songs set to (in my case with a 20 Gb iPod) 14 Gb. I have a smart playlist that grabs all songs that have a playcount of 0 (though you have to be pretty much caught up for this to work). And I have a regular playlist with the music that I want to always be on the iPod. That pretty much covers that gamut of music that I want on my iPod. When you get a new album it’ll be in the unplayed list or you can add it by hand to the regular playlist. Depending on the size of the other lists, I just adjust the amount of songs I grab randomly.