As far as I can tell, there is no soundtrack available for the movie Ultraviolet. And I don’t know why. I looked when the movie first aired, and I just searched again a few minutes ago. And it appears that the soundtrack simply does not exist. How can it be, that the producers of Ultraviolet have failed to capitalize on the soundtrack like this? Why, in this extremely commercial society, can I not find and purchase this item? Often times I see soundtracks for movies released before the movie itself, and yet this long after Ultraviolet came out there is still none. And I am annoyed.

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  1. says:

    pitu plz send to me…… i have been lookin for the S.T. since march 3rd (the release date)

  2. says:

    Hey PITU, I was wondering, could you send me the promo CD to

  3. Hello! i m just here to say that i have found an ultraviolet torrent that has the music (not all i think) if u want the music i still have them in my hard drive. but it does not have my favorite song :(. Hey does anyone know if there is a font with the Ultraviolet Language? that language is cool!

  4. Hey, can you email it to me too please?


  5. Pitu, please send link to


  6. Ричард says:

    i got the Promo. anyone wants it Email me @ and i will also contact the people that made the music in the movie too why they haven’t made a soundtrack

  7. I would love a link to the torrent too, TIA

  8. gollum1118 says:

    Does anyone know what the song from the trailer was

  9. If anyone is still searching, heres a download link for the extended promo score.

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    If you could, would you email those songs on the promo CD?

  11. Pitu I have ben searching for the songs from the movie forever! If u can please send the promo to my e-mail at

    Thanks a bunch!

  12. Hey guys keep them comming! i have been busy but i will send it to all those people who gave me there email ok!!! LMK if you get them!

  13. I know it’s a long shot, but if I can get a copy of this I would be very, very happy.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I am also looking for the music if anyone can sent it to my email or tell me where to get it that would be great

  15. Any chance you can send the soundtrack to I’m glad I’m not the only one looking for this awesome music! Equilibrium had some great music too, anyone found a soundtrack?

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    Hey PITU I hate to bother you but could you send me the promo CD to

  17. Please send to

    much appreciated!

  18. e

  19. Hey there, could you send me the Ultraviolet soundtrack at Also, does anyone know what format this comes in? Can it be downloaded into one’s iTunes library?


  20. Pitu Can I get the promo CD as well. Send it to my email. Thanks a bunch.

  21. ditto, i’ve been looking for this soundtrack since i saw the film at the movies, really bummed out now.
    Pitu, can you send me the promo Cd as well?? my email is

    thanks in advance!

  22. hey guys email me so i have your email. it makes it easier. I do have the Equilibrium 2 disc promo score to. anyways im sending a bunch of you guys the songs right now! yes they can be added to itunes!

  23. Hey oh my god i was so relieved when i found this page. to know i’m nt the only one looking for this soundtrack. lol i love it so much i just ended up leaving my dvd player on the menue to hear the small snippit of the song.
    can you send me the torrent file pretty please?? for a 6 track one.
    or the tracks either way.
    thankyou so much
    my email is

    thankz again -Amie

  24. Pitu could you send me the equilbrium 2 disc promo score to my email please its thanks