Well, Rails 1.1 is out now. And that is a problem for Typo. See, when we tried running it under Rails 1.1rc1 we discovered that this new version of Rails has certain problems with components. Basically, Rails isn’t setting up the component namespaces that we’re expecting it to. I guess this is what I’ll be spending tomorrow evening hammering on.

Update: As of 10:57 AM this morning, Typo trunk now supports Rails 1.1 (and should work with Rails 1.0 too).

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  1. Here’s what I tried:

    line 105 Comment out


    Installed the upload_progress plugin in vendor/plugins




    remove Plugins::

    from class definitions


    remove Plugins::

    from class definitions

    Blog seems to work, but only 1/2 of admin works.

    missing controller_name on nil object error and
    all of the trace is in webrick/rails code.

    Giving up for now…

  2. Heh, thanks, but you don’t need to try and update Typo for us. We’re well on the way already.

  3. I’m having the same problem – my blog is foobar for now. Please keep us updated if you find a fix.

  4. Kevin Ballard says:

    We are working on a fix. At the moment, the recommended fix is to run `rake freeze_edge REVISION=3303`to install Rails 1.0 into your vendor directory. If that doesn’t work, try `svn export http://dev.rubyonrails.org/svn/rails/tags/rel_1-0-0 vendor/rails`.