This morning, Tom Cruise flew over (in his private WWII bomber plane) and came on to Yahoo! Campus to give a talk as part of Yahoo!’s Inspirational Speakers program. And let me tell you, it was pretty darn cool. Turns out Tom is a really nice guy, and pretty funny too. Tom and Terry (CEO of Yahoo) talked about Tom’s movie career, and had a few amusing anecdotes about Tom and Terry. Quite enjoyable.

After the event I managed to get a few pictures of Tom with my cameraphone. Click on the picture below to view the set.

No Responses to “Tom Cruise at Yahoo!”
  1. Cool.

  2. Did he jump up and down on your couches while talking about Scientology?

  3. Kevin Ballard says:

    Heh, actually he did jump up onto the chair when the subject of Katie and her impending pregnancy was brought up :)

    Incidentally, Katie was there, and boy does she look pregnant. She’s due in a couple weeks, isn’t she?

  4. Joel Mueller says:

    Interesting. What made him, “a pretty nice guy” and funny? Just interested in more detail.

  5. I’ve never been good at describing people, but basically he just seemed to be really at ease, and had a good camaraderie with Terry and seemed able to joke about himself easily. He was very personable and basically, if he wasn’t famous and you met him on the street, knowing nothing about him, you’d like him. He seems like someone it would be nice to have as a friend.