Just a quick post about AJAX on Rails, to test out my latest feature, which is Lightbox support for Typo:

If you click that and it doesn’t overlay the image on top of the current page, then you’ve run into a bug in Safari that I’m trying to figure out the cause of. Grrrrr. The bug has been worked around.

No Responses to “AJAX on Rails”
  1. I like the new blog layout. Now it’s not so Microsoft-looking. :)

  2. Great effect, is there RJS support for this?

  3. Did you have to do anything special to get the lightbox working? I can’t for the life of me get mine working properly. Also, what theme are you using, or is it custom?

  4. Kevin Ballard says:

    Greg: if you use the <typo:lightbox> tag then it should just work.

    And the theme for this blog is called Lush. It was part of the old Typo Theme contest, but the official version won’t work with current Typo source – the version I’m using has been heavily updated by myself.