Finally, I’ve managed to see Serenity. I hadn’t seen it until now because I don’t like going to the theaters by myself, and I have been restricted to public transportation ever since coming out here (which makes getting to a theater hard), but tonight I finally called up Rick and had him pick me up and bring me to a theater to see Serenity. I had to do it now because it’s no longer in theaters starting friday, and there was no way I was going to miss seeing the movie.

Anyway, it was great. All the characters from Firefly we know and love, although I wish it actually resolved the mysteries surrounding Shepherd Book, and I really wish that something else hadn’t happened (but for sake of spoilers I won’t say what). The visuals were amazing, and the character development was just as in-depth as it was in Firefly. Basically, it’s a must-see movie for any Firefly fan, and even for people who haven’t seen Firefly but simply like a good Sci-Fi movie. Unfortunately, as it’s going out of theaters, if you haven’t seen it yet you’ll probably have to wait for the DVD.

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