Last week my older brother came home for a few days (to attend a friend’s wedding) and finally gave me my birthday present (only almost 6 months late). It turned out to be the DVD boxed set of Firefly, a TV series created by Joss Wheadon (creator of Buffy and Angel) and basis for the movie Serenity. I’d heard great things about this series, but had never seen it.

On saturday, I ended up going to bed really early (around 7:30 PM, dunno why I was so tired) and slept for something like 14 hours). Needless to say, I wasn’t tired at all that night, so I started watching Firefly with my brother David. After 7 episodes (each one is about 45 minutes long) he went to bed, but I still wasn’t tired. I also knew that since I had work at 12:30 PM today, if I went to bed at the time I knew I would finally be able to fall asleep, I wouldn’t be able to get up for work today, so I continued watching Firefly.

I ended up watching all 14 episodes, plus most of the extra features. The entire Firefly series. In one sitting. It was fantastic. Firefly is really amazing - it is truly a great loss for everyone that Fox mismanaged the series so badly (and cancelled it). I take solace in the fact that I still have the movie Serenity to look forward to.

If you haven’t seen Firefly yet, I highly recommend seeing it as soon as possible.

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  1. Yeah, this topic might be a little old but I’m commenting anyway. Firefly is a great little series. I was so excited about the movie but I guess the hype has been washed away under the rug.

    Even my fiancee (not geeky) enjoyed it.

    Have fun with Typo/Ruby, originally what I was searching fer [sic].