I finally saw The Meaning of Life, and it was a disappointment. The songs were great, especially the Galaxy song, but the rest was mediocre. I mean, sure, some bits were good, like the bit at the beginning about the Roman Catholic family and the Protestants, but the rest was just blah. It sure was a far cry from the rest of the movies.

I guess tomorrow I’m going to have to go watch Monty Python and the Holy Grail to restore my faith in Monty Python.

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  1. Whatever, The Meaning of Life is great.
    Watch it again

  2. I think I like it, but last time I watched it I fell asleep. I agree that Holy Grail is best. Checkout “Spamalot” the musical, I have the CD of it & it’s great.

  3. Oh man, I’d love to go see the musical. My brother just got the CD the other day and I’ve listened to it 3 times already. Hilarious!

  4. Will Leshner says:

    I like Meaning of Life, but my favorite Monty Python movie is Life of Brian. Holy Grail is pretty good too :)